Kenilworth Partners

We are a business advisory firm
We assist small and midsize businesses to grow and create value
We help formulate and adapt strategies to meet changing environments and guide their implementation and execution

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Who We Are

  • Bob Cowley, Managing Director
  • Philip Small, Executive Director
  • Pathy Pathmanaban, Executive Director
  • Richard Harris, Executive Director
  • Bob Jordan, Executive Director
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    Strategy Formulation and Review

    Creating, reviewing and adapting strategies to fit the changing business and economic environment

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    CEO and Management Support

    Guiding and regular reviewing of the business management cycle, performance and results

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    Contact Us

    If you would like to discuss any opportunities or for further information about us please contact us.

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    Business and Operational Support

    Injecting operational and financial management support, coaching and mentoring

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    Transactional Services

    Providing strategic and financial transactional expertise

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