About Us

Kenilworth Partners is a business advisory firm.

  • We assist small and midsize businesses to grow, create and realise value.
  • We work with our clients to define their shareholder goals, strategic goals for the business and we help implement chosen strategies.
  • We have deep experience in formulating and adapting strategies to changing business and economic environments and implementing and executing these strategies.
  • We are experts in preparing businesses for transactions and leading or assisting in bringing these to completion.

Our extensive experience and background includes:

Our Principals have extensive business experience spanning strategic planning, marketing, sales, operational, financial and accounting functions. They have worked as senior executives across a wide range of industries and have strong technology sector backgrounds.

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Kenilworth Partners services include:

    • Strategy Review and Formulation
    • CEO and Management Support
    • Business and Operational Support
    • Transactional Services

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We tailor our services to meet the needs of family-owned companies as well as larger private companies.

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