Clients and Experience

Kenilworth Partners has an extensive range of experience, covering a broad scope of industries including:

Artisan Specialty Coffee Roaster

Working with the executive shareholders, Kenilworth Partners undertook a strategic review and competitive business model review, developed a strategic plan and assisted with developing the annual operating plan. Kenilworth Partners provides business advisory services including participating in advisory boards, business and operational support, joint venture opportunities and transaction activity.

Specialty Electrical Contracting Services business

Working with shareholder executives Kenilworth Partners undertook a strategic review, lead strategy planning sessions and prepare a strategic plan for the business. Kenilworth Partners provides business advisory services, supports and leads partnering initiatives and assists with shareholder related matters.

Specialist IT Strategy business

Kenilworth Partners works with the CEO and executive providing business advisory services including strategy review and formulation, advisory board participation, sales management support, business and operational support and transaction related advice.

Software Development business

Kenilworth Partners was retained by the CEO shareholder to review strategy, provide competitive and business model analysis, assist with strategy formulation and business direction and assist with shareholder related matters.

An image-serving software and geospatial software tools company in the geospatial information sector

Kenilworth Partners undertook strategy review and formulation, board membership and then provided business and operational support for senior executives. Transaction services were provided through a divestment and the sale of minority equity investments. The divestment was achieved as a strategic sale to a global corporate.

A global test and compliance company in standards-based hardware, software and peripherals audit markets

Since 2006 Kenilworth Partners has been providing strategy review and formulation, advisory board services and business and operational support. We assisted with debt and fund raising and an IPO process. During our engagement, client revenues have grown by a factor of four and business operations have expanded from three countries to ten.

A product and service company in the avionics and electronics return-to-depot repair markets

Kenilworth Partners was engaged on an ongoing basis to assist our client with strategic planning and annual business cycle activity, support the CEO, participate as an advisory board member, plus provide business and operational support and transaction services. During our engagement, revenues in the company’s core business have almost quadrupled and the company expanded its global operations.

A geospatial data, online map-based applications and geospatial information systems company

Kenilworth Partners performed strategy review and formulation, advisory board services, business and operational support and transaction services. As a result of our engagement, business growth and a successful exit by a trade sale were achieved for the shareholder/chief executive.

An engineering company in the automotive sector with a significant portfolio of patented technology

Kenilworth Partners was retained by the management team to advise them on a potential MBO. This required us to identify funding parties, arrange management presentations, liaise with an offshore shareholder and identify an independent chairman. Subsequently, there was a reverse takeover for potential listing on the AIM.

A biotechnology public company involved in tree breeding via cloning for specialist forestry applications

Kenilworth Partners was retained by the board to review the business, including assessing likely markets and commercial opportunities.

A services company in the offshore oil platform services business

Kenilworth Partners performed a strategic review of an independent business division for its global parent company and advised on valuation and exit options. Based on the strategic review, the business was subsequently retained by the parent company.

Acquisition of a European listed technology services company by an Australian public company

Kenilworth Partners was retained to provide strategic advice on business integration including due diligence, organisational re-structuring, profit improvement through business rationalisation, divestment and service delivery performance. The client achieved its integration and strategic direction goals within its target period.

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